May 06, 2017 5:00 AM - 7:00 AM EDT

Brookline Memorial Recreation Center / 1399 Oakridge Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15226, United States


Starting while it's still dark, and finishing just as the sun begins to rise, Darkness into Light has become a global phenomenon, and a symbol of the fight to prevent suicide. In 2008, about 400 people participated in the first event in a city park in Dublin, Ireland. Almost a decade later, Darkness into Light has had over 100,000 participants, and has spread to every corner of the world. The joy and camaraderie this event emits knows no bounds, and we urge everyone to take part.

​"Different to anything I've ever been to!"


One of the most wonderful things about participating in Darkness into Light, is not that your contribution plays an integral part in helping us continue our work, or that the awareness that's raised is vital in preventing suicide, but it's the sense of community and friendship that blossoms on the morning between each and every person.

Because, you see, everyone has a story. Whether it's the man in front of you who has lost his only son to suicide and he's walking to make sure no other family suffers the same way his has. Or the two women that jogged right past you are there on that crisp morning because one of them tried to take her life last year, and her friend is not only there to support her, but also for thanksgiving. Or whether it's that gang of 20-somethings who are half-walking, half-skipping past, who laugh and push each other playfully along, now realise it's time to come to terms with the death of their dear mother. Know that everyone has a story.


For more information about Darkness Into Light , please contact us at mary@pietahouse.org